The Intel NUC 12 Extreme is now fully online at GEEKNUC.COM and includes multiple configurations to help you get up and running quickly

Some people like it because its design is crazy.

Some people like it because of its small size.

Some people like it because it looks cool on the desktop.

What exactly makes it so beloved? Let's find out.

We can provide accurate details and more professional product review, Because we are an official intel partner. If you're waiting for it to arrive, definitely want to learn more about it. Next, we will introduce the NUC 12 Extreme to you in more detail. After you really understand it, we want to hear your thoughts, at the end of the page you can say your needs and suggestions.

First, let's take a look at the size of the NUC 12 Extreme

The Intel® NUC 12 Extreme with an innovative design, Intel packs a ton of performance into an impossibly small footprint.
Not an inch of anything goes to waste. Once you add a graphics card, which isn't really mandatory, there's no room left in the chassis. Luckily, there are fans on all sides and there is no need for an issue with case temperature at all.

Three 92mm fans help keep systems cool and quiet.

The Intel® NUC 12 Extreme delivers incredible performance with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and supports dual-socket graphics up to 12". There's even a PCIe x16 Gen 5 slot to support next-generation discrete graphics. Measuring just 4.72''x14'', the Intel® NUC 12 Extreme Kit is designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Gen 5 PCle × 16 Slot

PCle GenerationsBandwidthGigatransfer
PCle 1.08GB/s2.5GT/s
PCle 2.016GB/s5GT/s
PCle 3.032Gb/s8GT/s
PCle 4.064GB/s16GT/s
PCle 5.0128GB/s32GT/s

Many users replace either their storage drive or graphics card at some point in the lifetime of their system. If you’re one of them, PCIe 5.0 support ensures that you’ll be able to use cutting-edge SSDs and GPUs released in the next few years to their full capability. Additionally, 20 CPU PCIe lanes give a system’s two most important peripherals — the GPU and SSD — a more direct connection to the CPU, potentially reducing latency. It’s difficult to predict what new peripherals anyone might want a year or two down the line, but 12th Gen systems are designed to get the optimal performance from them.

Finally, let's take a look at the most anticipated part: The CPU on the NUC 12 Extreme

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