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Intel NUC

What is an Intel NUC?

Intel NUC is a compact mini PC introduced and manufactured by Intel that packs the power of a full-sized desktop into a 4x4 form factor.
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Intel NUC for Home Assistant: Unlock Your Smart Living

Discover the perfect synergy between Home Assistant and Intel NUC for a smarter living experience. Intel NUC is the ideal choice for your home assistant with its powerful computing, reliability, compact size, energy efficiency, and expandability.
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Intel NUC 12 Extreme Review: How strong is Dragon Canyon?

Intel NUC 12 Extreme Review: How strong is Dragon Canyon?

The Extreme series is the most powerful of the Intel NUCs in terms of performance. How powerful is this NUC 12 Dragon Canyon with a desktop-level processor? Allow this essay to provide the answer.
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Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast

Intel NUC 12 Serpent Canyon: A New Generation of Enthusiast PC

Phantom Canyon has been loved by many players since its launch. Now, the new generation of high-performance NUC, the Serpent Canyon is coming soon!
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NUC 11 Enthusiast Phantom Canyon

NUC 11 Phantom Canyon - A Mini PC for Professional Designers

Discover the power and versatility of the NUC 11 Enthusiast Phantom Canyon mini PC, tailored specifically for professional designers.
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Intel NUC 12 Pro

Intel NUC 12 Wall Street Canyon - The Next-Generation Mini PC

With the ever-increasing demands of business users for PC performance, Intel has introduced a new mini desktop PC: the NUC Studio 12 Pro "Wall Street Canyon".
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Intel NUC Mini PC

Intel NUC Mini PCs: The Best Choice for Different Uses in 2023

The Intel NUC is priced competitively and with so many options for customization, the NUC mini PC is a good choice for consumers with different needs.
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Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast: A Mini PC Designed for Gamers

Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast: A Mini PC Designed for Gamers

Whether you’re an avid or a professional gamer, you need a powerful PC to build your gaming rig. Intel thinks so too, So introduced Intel NUC 11 for gaming.
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Intel NUC vs Mac Mini

Intel NUC vs Mac Mini: Which Is More Popular in Small PC?

Discover the intricacies of small PCs with GEEKNUC's comparison of the Intel NUC and the Mac Mini. Gain insights into the crucial differences between the two and learn which one is more popular.
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Intel NUC 12

The Intel NUC 12 Is Coming: Should You Wait for It?

The all-new NUC 12 by Intel is gearing up for a spectacular launch this year. So let’s look at everything we know about this highly anticipated mini PC kit.
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Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake

Intel Launches Alder Lake U and P Series Processors: Will Beat AMD and Apple?

Following the January launch of Intel’s first Alder Lake-based 12th Gen Core mobile processors, the Alder Lake-H family, Intel this morning is following that up with the formal launch of the rest of their mobile product stack.
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