Intel NUC with DDR5 RAM

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Intel NUC with DDR5 delivers high computing performance in a pocket small size factor. Intel NUC 13 Extreme with Dual channel DDR5 SODIMMs, 64GB max suits gaming enthusiasts, business requirements, and so on. Check out the details of Intel NUC 13 Extreme with DDR5 now and enjoy free shipping and top-notch customer service now! Wait for what? Come and pick up the Intel NUC with DDR5 from GEEKNUC!

Knowledge You Should Know

DDR - Double Data Rate: Only use the exact DDR# RAM type, not higher or lower. Intel NUC with DDR5 means you can only use DDR5, not DDR3, DDR2, or DDR4.

3200 - This is the frequency or speed of the RAM, you can use RAM modules with this much speed or lower than the number specified.

SO-DIMM - Refers to the form factor/size type of the RAM. Use only the exact RAM form factor or size, as other sizes will not fit.

Intel NUC Benefits

  • Sustainability

  • Low energy

  • Upgradable

  • Boost

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