Intel NUC 12 Pro

Intel NUC 12 Wall Street Canyon - The Next-Generation Mini PC


In recent years, the Intel NUC mini PC family has continued to grow and has received great attention from the PC market. Intel is also continuing to introduce different forms to meet the needs of various usage scenarios.

With the ever-increasing demands of business users for PC performance, Intel has introduced a new mini desktop PC: the NUC Studio 12 Pro "Wall Street Canyon".

Wall Street Canyon uses the latest 12th generation Alder Lake-P series processors, which can support up to i7 processors (12 cores and 16 threads), and the performance has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation.

At the same time, thanks to the solution of performance core + energy efficiency core, performance, and energy consumption can be better balanced. The built-in Intel Iris Xe core graphics card is very powerful and can meet customer needs in various scenarios such as AI, edge computing, and productivity.

At the same time, in order to better meet the characteristics of some commercial scenarios, Wall Street Canyon supports the Intel vPro platform, making enterprise IT management more flexible and efficient. Enterprises can use vPro's remote management capabilities to solve various equipment maintenance and management problems in a timely manner, escorting the development of enterprises.

Similarly, Wall Street Canyon continues the biggest advantage of NUC products, that is, ultra-small size + rich expansion interfaces, making it easy to deploy, and can also help companies save office space and further optimize corporate budgets and investments.

As of this writing, Intel has yet to release official details about the new NUC 12 Pro. But many industry experts predict that the product will launch within a few months.

After considering the uncertainty of the NUC 12 Pro launch waiting period, For the vast majority of users, the NUC 11 Performance is going to be the more affordable and practical option.

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